Our server scripts use modpack.json files to compile downloads for a modpack. Each modpack has a respective modpack.json in the repository that represents it. Each json holds information which the server scripts need to build a download for the pack, in the future we plan on making it easier to create these files. This system enables us to offer broader support of downloads, to save the user from downloading our large Universal Downloads, which contains all the mod patches we offer.


The modpack.json system allows us to have the system 99% automated. From this simple file the downloads are updated and distributing. We will be accepting any type of modpack to be added but the json file submitted must be correct and accurate to the latest build of the modpack. Failing to do so will result in the pull request being closed and for you to re-create/fix the problems stated by one of our staff members.


  "name" : "",
  "version" : "",
  "type" : "",
  "provider" : "",
  "enabled" : true,
  "is_public" : true,
  "minecraft" : [
  "resourcepacks" : [
  "mods" : [

The json template above can be used for creating a file. Where the modpack.json will be called modpack-name.json making sure you replace spaces with underscores. Once you have created the file you can send a pull request to the repository to enable the server to create the download for the modpack. When creating the file ensure that you add all the mods (prewfered which do have textures, you can check inside the mod file in the following location to see if it has textures assets/modid/textures/) Also add the mods even if Soartex does not support it, this way when we do add support the patch will be included without having to edit the json file.

If you are submitting a modpack.json please help us to maintain it from updating the mod listing and the version support. This way we can ensure that the download supports the latest version of the modpack and that the staff can concentrate on creating more texture support and applications for Soartex.


  "name":"My Amazing Modpack",
  "is_public": true,

Parameter Breakdown

Parameter Type Explanation
name string This is the name of the modpack, please use the official naming for the modpack
version string This the latest version of the modpack in which you are creating the file for and for when the modpack updates. This should be prefixed with a “v” for the sake of prettiness.
type string This the type of download of which you want to create. You can find the support types here
provider string This is the provider name who provides the modpack. You can find the support providers here
enabled boolean This value determines if the modpack gets complied when the server scripts are run.
is_public boolean This value determines is the modpack download is displayed on the soartex.net website
minecraft array This is an array of the Minecraft versions the modpack supports. You can find the support minecraft versions here
resourcepacks array This is an array of the resourcepacks for the modpack to be compiled against. You can find the support resourcepacks here
mods array This is an array of the mods to be included into the modpack compile, this uses the modid from the mod to be added. You can find a list of pre-defined mods here

Submitting Your File

Once you have created your modpack.json clone our repository, then add the file to the /packs/ folder. It is essential that the file is in that folder otherwise the server scripts will not detect the file to compile the modpack download. Lastly push your changes and then submit a pull-request back to our repository to get the file added. Once a member of staff has checked the file they will acppet the request and the file will be added to our repository. Repeat this process when you want to add a new mod to the file or to bump the version.

If however you wish for assistance with submitting the file you can email us for support


Below is some helpful information on what some of the variables mean and what values are valid to use when creating a modpack.json file.

Modpack Type

Our server script supports 2 modpack types currently but the one you would use for creating support for a modpack would be modded_standard. Modded standard tells the script that you are wanting to create a download with certain patches which is defined in the “mods” array. The other type is modded_universal which will more than often be used by staff members to create “Universal” downloads, these are basically downloads which contain all the modpack patches we offer on our modded repositories.

Modpack Provider

The server script will support an array of launchers to host downloads for but we have refined this down to 3, which we will support officially for downloads. The supported launchers are as followed;

Launcher Name Script Value
ATLauncher atlauncher
Feed The Beast ftb
Technic Launcher technic
Curse Client curse

Minecraft Versions

Soartex currently supports 1.6.x, 1.7.x for modpack compiles, 1.8.x support will be added as soon as more mods port over to the new version.


The server script currently supports the following resourcepacks;

Name Script Value
Soartex Fanver fanver
Invictus invictus

Mods Listing

This is a pre-defined listing of mods that you can use to add to your modpack.json file. This is not a complete listing and is always work in progress as new mods are adding the mods to the listing.

Mod Name Mod ID
Advanced Genetics advancedgenetics
Another One Bites The Dust aobd
AppleCore AppleCore
Applied Energistics 2 appliedenergistics2
Aroma1997s Core Aroma1997Core
Aroma1997s Dimension Aroma1997sDimension
Ars Magica 2 arsmagica2
Artifacts Artifacts
AutoPackager autopackager
Backpack Mod Backpack
Baubles Baubles
Better Chests BetterChests
Better Furnaces FLabsBF
Better Storage betterstorage
BiblioCraft BiblioCraft
Big Reactors BigReactors
Binnies Mods Binnies_Mods
BiomesOPlenty BiomesOPlenty
Blood Magic AWWayofTime
Botania Botania
Buildcraft Buildcraft
CarpentersBlocks CarpentersBlocks
Chicken Chunks ChickenChunks
Chisel 2 chisel
CoFHCore CoFHCore
Compact Machines compactmachines
Compact Solar Arrays CompactSolars
ComputerCraft ComputerCraft
CreeperSpecies CreeperSpecies
CrystalWing CrystalWing
Damage Indicators DamageIndicatorsMod
DrZharks Mo-Creatures Mod MoCreatures
Dimensional Anchors DimensionalAnchors
Divine RPG divinerpg
Electrical Age Eln
Elemental Creepers ElementalCreepers
Enchiridion Enchiridion
EnderIO EnderIO
EnderStorage EnderStorage
Enhanced Portals 3 enhancedportals
Enviro Mine enviromine
Ex Astris exastris
Ex Nihilo exnihilo
ExtraCells extracells
Extra Utilities ExtraUtilities
ExtraTiC ExtraTiC
Factorization factorization
Falling Meteors meteors
Flaxbeards SteamCraft Steamcraft
Forbidden Magic ForbiddenMagic
Forestry Forestry
Forge Multipart ForgeMultipart
Galacticraft 3 Galacticraft
Ganys Mods Ganys_Mods
Geostrata geostrata
GraveStone gravestone
GregTech Addon gregtech_addon
Fossils Archaeology Revival fossil
Hardcore Ender Expansion HardcoreEnderExpansion
Hardcore Questing HardcoreQuesting
IguanaTweaks Tinkers Construct IguanaTweaksTConstruct
IndustrialCraft 2 IC2
IC2 Advanced Machines Addon AdvancedMachines
IC2 Advanced Solar Panel AdvancedSolarPanel
Immibis Microblocks ImmibisMicroblocks
InfiniteInvo infiniteinvo
Inventory Tweaks inventorytweaks
Iron Chests IronChest
JourneyMap journeymap
Lava Monsters LavaMonsters
Lucky Blocks luckyblock
Magic Bees MagicBees
Magical Crops magicalcrops
Mariculture Mariculture
Mekanism Mekanism
Metallurgy 4 Metallurgy
Mantle Mantle
MineFactory Reloaded MineFactoryReloaded
More Pistons MorePistons
Morph Morph
Multi Page Chest MultiPageChest
Mystcraft Mystcraft
Natura Natura
Necromancy necromancy
Nether Ores NetherOres
Not Enough Items NotEnoughItems
OpenBlocks OpenBlocks
OpenMods OpenMods
Pams Harvestcraft harvestcraft
Pams Weee! Flowers weeeflowers
Peacefulpack peacefulpack
Pet Bat PetBat
Practicalities jotatosPracticalities
PneumaticCraft PneumaticCraft
ProjectE ProjectE
ProjectRed projectred
QuarryPlus QuarryPlus
Railcraft Railcraft
Random Things RandomThings
ReactorCraft ReactorCraft
RotaryCraft RotaryCraft
SimpleOres 2 simpleores
SmartMoving SmartMoving
Special Mobs SpecialMobs
Statues Statues
Steve’s Carts 2 StevesCarts
Steves Factory Manager StevesFactoryManager
Sync Sync
Thaumcraft 4 Thaumcraft
Thaumic Energistics thaumicenergistics
Thaumic Machina ThaumicMachina
Thaumic Tinkerer ThaumicTinkerer
Thermal Expansion ThermalExpansion
Thermal Foundation ThermalFoundation
Tinkers Construct TConstruct
Tinkers Mechworks TMechworks
Tinkers Steelwork TSteelworks
Too Many Items toomanyitems
The Twilight Forest TwilightForest
TurkeyUtil TurkeyUtil
Underground Biomes Constructs UndergroundBiomes
Waila waila
Wild Caves 3 wildcaves3
Wireless Redstone CBE WR-CBE
Witchery witchery